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Food Safety

At Taco Bell we pride ourselves on standards of food safety and product quality that are among the highest in the food industry. We are committed to offering our customers quality they can rely on, with trust in every bite.
1. Our Suppliers
We only use suppliers who share our core values around food safety and product quality. Simply put, if they don’t share our commitment to the customer, they can’t supply us. We work with them on a continuous basis to drive food safety and quality initiatives to greater and greater levels, always meeting all regulatory and industry standards, and, in many cases, exceeding them. We award those with the greatest passion and best results with our Star Supplier of the Year Awards. All of our suppliers are aware of the Taco Bell single-minded commitment to doing what is right for the customer, and knowing that for Taco Bell, only the best is good enough.
2. Our Restaurants
Our unrelenting commitment to food safety and premium quality products does not end with our suppliers. We have the same industry leading standards of excellence in every restaurant, every day.

Taco Bell Crew Member




After having success in the hotdog stand and burger restaurant business, Glen Bell opened his first Taco Bell in Downey, California in 1962. It was an immediate hit. Only five years after opening his first Taco Bell, Glen’s little taco stand was ready to become a United States national corporation.

Glen’s legacy lives on today in Taco Bell’s 7,000 restaurants world-wide. It lives on in the millions of customers who come to Taco Bell every week for that unique experience no other restaurant can offer. It lives on in every menu innovation brought to life. It lives on in the smiles of those who create, serve and eat Taco Bell’s delicious food.


Pick your dream job here! Start somewhere, grow to be one of us. A job at Taco Bell can kick start your career!
Who would’ve thought that job applications could actually be fun? APPLY HERE!


We offer the best to our customers, and we also want to offer the best working environment where you can shine, enjoy and train yourself to become even better, both as part of the team and as an individual. As a new Team Member, you will receive comprehensive local training on your new role over a period of several weeks. In this time you will also learn about the Taco Bell brand and philosophy.

Taco Bell reached 4th place in 2018 Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces -survey. Survey is done by Corporate Spirit.

Suomen innostavimmat työpaikat


Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for motivated people with a positive attitude and a lot of heart. Are you interested in shift work and at least reasonably fluent in English? If yes, you could be perfect for Taco Bell! We reward the right attitude and provide the necessary training. So your motivation, personality and willingness to learn are what really matter!

Taco Bell employees are HUNGRY to work, serve and live in the moment:



Working as a Team Member at Taco Bell is just the beginning. In this role, you’ll learn skills needed throughout your life, both at work and in your free time. Later on, if you are 18 or over, you can train yourself further to become a Shift Lead or Restaurant General Manager. Spoken and written Finnish skills are required in the role of Shift Lead or Restaurant General Manager, so once you have gathered the ground level working skills and solved the secrets of Finnish language, you can aim high on your Taco Bell career. Seize the work opportunity of a lifetime today – APPLY NOW

Find Us

Taco Bell Iso Omena

Piispansilta 9
Espoo, 02230
Telephone : +358406865266
Open : Mo-Th 10.30-21, Fri-Sa 10.30-22,  Su 11-21

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Taco Bell Sello

Leppävaarankatu 3-9
Espoo, 02600
Telephone : +358406865284
Open : Mo-Fri 10-21, Sa 10-20, Su 11-18

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Taco Bell Baker's

Kalevankatu 2
Helsinki, 00100
Telephone : +358406865301
Open : Su-Tu 10-24, We-Sa 10-05

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Taco Bell Itis

Itäkatu 1-5
Helsinki, 00930
Telephone: +358406530536
Open: Mo-Sa 10.30-22, Su 11-20

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Taco Bell Dixi

Ratatie 11
Vantaa, 01300
Telephone : +358407190316
Open: Mo-Th 10.30-22, Fri-Sa 10.30-05, Su 11-22

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Taco Bell Flamingo

Tasetie 8
Vantaa, 01510
Telephone : +358 40 630 2098
Open: Mo-Th 10.30-21, Fri-Sa 10.30-23, Su 10.30-22

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Taco Bell Tennispalatsi

Fredrikinkatu 65
Helsinki, 00100
Telephone: +358 40 483 7674
Open: Mo-Thu 10-24, Fri-Sa 10-05, Su 10-24

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Taco Bell Lappeenranta

Kauppakatu 29-31
Lappeenranta, 53100
Telephone: +358 40 587 5996
Open: Mo-Th 10.30-21, Fr 10.30-00, Sa 11-05, Su 12-21

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Taco Bell Nihtisilta

Nihtisilta 4
Espoo, 02630
Telephone: +358 40 186 2715
Open: Mo-Th 10-22, drive-in 10-23, Fr-Sa 10-00, drive-in 10-01, Su 10-22, drive-in 10-22

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Taco Bell Turku

Eerikinkatu 15
Turku, 20100
Telephone: +358 40 681 2657
Open: Mo-Th 10-23 Fr-Sa 10-05, Su 11-23

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You can complete the customer questionnaire after visiting our restaurant here. You will need a receipt of your latest visit to Taco Bell in order to fill in the questionnaire and use the reward code.

If you want to leave us your contact details and receive a reply to your feedback, please select the right restaurant below and fill in the contact form.

  1. Taco Bell Baker’s
  2. Taco Bell Iso Omena
  3. Taco Bell Sello
  4. Taco Bell Dixi
  5. Taco Bell Itis
  6. Taco Bell Flamingo
  7. Taco Bell Tennispalatsi
  8. Taco Bell Lappeenranta
  9. Taco Bell Nihtisilta
  10. Taco Bell Turku
Taco Bell – Est. 1962


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